A Birth Story


$250 deposit required

On call 24/7 starting at 39 weeks, through delivery

Images delivered within 2-3 weeks after birth

There's nothing quite like having photos from your labor and birth to cherish for eternity! Seeing the bond between a couple, the strength and determination on Mom's face, the pride on Dad's face, the quiet moments when time stood still, even the fear and apprehension and, my personal favorite, the look on the parents face when they first lay eyes on their precious child!

You will receive a digital contract to submit and I request that you fill out a birth client questionnaire.  Around 36 weeks, we’ll meet up to talk about your plans, hopes, expectations and give you an opportunity to get to know me and answer any remaining questions you might have. 

Birth photography should be scheduled early during your second trimester to ensure availability however please inquire with me to see if I’m available for the weeks surrounding your due date.

Birth Session Contract


Fresh Session


$150 deposit required

Takes place within the first 48 hours of birth

60-90 minute session

Unposed, natural or available light

Includes at least 20 digital images with print release

Includes next day Facebook sneak peek for you to share with friends and family

Your baby will be changing so fast—hour to hour, day to day. Capture those first milestones: bath, breastfeeding, meeting siblings or family members, Dad’s first diaper change, baby birthday party, meeting the grandparents, going home from the hospital or simply just gazing at each other! This session captures moments like these that will soon be lost in the fog of your “babymoon”! These are the photos your friends and family will be begging for and your parents will want blown up on the wall!

Fresh Session Contract


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